Australian Social, Economic & Cultural Exchange Pty Ltd (ASECE) is an Australia-based company that specialises in educational and cultural exchanges between Australia and China.

2017 Exchange Project, Beijing Dongcheng High School

Operating since 2003, ASECE has successfully organized numerous cultural and educational exchange programs over the years. A variety of activities involving both Chinese and Australian participants in the fields of cultural communications, educational, social, arts, and sports exchanges have significantly contributed to the understanding of different cultures and traditions and have had a great influence on the communities locally and abroad.

80 high school students from Beijing attended 4 schools in Sydney for immersion school program plus Australian cultural activities and excursions

ASECE is a proud representative agent registered with the New South Wales (NSW) Department of Education who coordinates. Our Study Tours program offers students and international educators, principals, teachers, and government officers a unique educational experience that includes visiting schools, participating in classes, excursions, school activities, and special events conducted in the school or local community.

The Performance Tour from Beijing No. 2 High School in 2009.

For years, ASECE has made utmost efforts to bring the bilateral social, educational, and cultural relations closer. We are now endeavoring for further achievements with support from the governments and our broad range of partnership networks.