In the first half of 2021, Global Premium School(GPS) was founded by two market-leading companies in the education and immigration business – ASECE and ABC World.

Utilizing their experience of more than 15 years in organizing study tours and running immigration programs, GPS was founded in response to a growing demand for top-quality education amongst those newly settled families in Australia


As one of the most successful authorized agents, ASECE has established an excellent cooperative relationship with Australian public schools and was awarded the Top Performing Tour Operator in 2017 and 2018 by the NSW Department of Education for its outstanding work. They bring in an average of 2,000 overseas students, via their offices in China, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam, to participate in short-term study programs at government schools around Australia every year. Their study tour destinations also include the USA, the UK, Finland, and New Zealand.

ABC World Pty Ltd

Since the year 2000, ABC World has been servicing clients from over 30 countries through offices located in China, Sydney, and Adelaide. Through their investment in the Australian China’s Entrepreneurs’ Club (ACEC), ABC World has helped business clients to settle in Australia by providing visa solutions and assistance in post-visa settlements.

After 20 years of ups and downs, ABC World Pty Ltd has emerged as a new, dynamic, comprehensive business from the COVID-19 pandemic. It carries its past glory and successes in business migration, Australian investment, major events hosting, trade shows participation, media & PR management, sporting, and cultural exchange activities.

While travel and health restrictions have challenged businesses in the immigration sector, ASECE and ABC World together gave birth to GPS, forming a new business model to respond to the needs of our niche local clients.